Wednesday , November 14 2018
  • Bangladesh is the country of river

    Garai river between Magura and Faridpur

  • Riksha is the most popular vehicle in Bangladesh

    This picture of Riksha has been taken at Karzon Hall, University of Dhaka

  • Karjon Hall at University of Dhaka

    Karjon Hall is one of the main architectural attractions in Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Buddhist Heritage of Bangladesh

Historically, Bangladesh is a land of glorious cultural heritage with inter-religious harmony and co-existence being the inherent characteristics of the soil. Buddhism entered in ancient Bengal more than 2,000 years ago and it continued as the predominant religious faith in the region until about the 11th Century AD. Ruling dynasties ...

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Cultural Heritage and Festivals of Bangladesh

Although Bangladesh emerged as an independent state relatively recently in 1971 through a blood-spattered liberation war, the country forms part of the ancient and historic region of Bengal in the Eastern part of the Subcontinent. The civilization of the country dates back over four millennia, to the Copper Age. The ...

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Important Archaeological Sites of Bangladesh

Karjon Hall

The cultural heritage of Bangladesh is substantiated in numerous vestiges of ancient periods as well as in remnants of pre-historic urban settlements and other magnificent monuments of different era spread all over the country. So far, 448 sites have been enlisted as national heritage. Notable heritage sites in Bangladesh include ...

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